Seminars and/ or brainstorming for students and/ or parents organized in every partner school.
About the issue how do they see the educational process, what would help them.
The results can be used as a work material to continue brainstorming in international groups.

Summary of students survey

Participating countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Turkey.
Dropping out occurs when a student cannot complete the educational stage due to various reasons. There are many factors affecting dropping out, such as family factors, economic matters, structure and facilities of the school, little social support, how successful the student is academically, discipline problems at school, and absence. EU legislation and every country's legislation show aspiration to minimize dropout.

The aim of the survey is to determine students' dropout tendencies. Each school had to questionnaire 40-100 students. Total amount of students taken part in the survey - 332 (Latvia - 42, Lithuania - 58, Romania - 102, Turkey - 97, Italy - 100). About 42 % of them are female and 58 % - male students. All pupils are called students due to the age of participants: from 12 to 47.

For the guestions about school and teachers students are able to communicate effectively with their teachers and administrative staff, and most of students can share their problems. Almost 60 % have never experienced problems with their teachers. The majority of students share their problems with their parents about the academic success as well. Regarding the dropout and what students think about their parents reaction in case they would decide to give up school, most of them in Romania think that parents won't let them to give up (average 77%). In Latvia most of students are adults, therefore their parental support changes to their wife/husband's support, and usually adults start their learning process because they need it for their jobs. In Turkey parents and students positive attitude towards school diminishes the risk of droping out. Regarding the question about knowing a person who has already left school early - in Lithuania about 45 %, in Romania - 65%, and in Latvia 97 % of students answered - yes.
Also in Lithuania 33% and in Latvia 93% know about the punisment for early school leaving, but this is not a problem in Turkey and Italy.

The students and their parents believe that education is important for getting good job and students have support from their families and teachers to continue going to school. Important reasons, for having education are having a profession, supporting the family in the future raising your children well and having a profession. Education Does not matter - To have a good marriage (39), To be a good citizen(32) and Getting rid of the punishment for leaving the school early (23). In conclusion education plays a great role in every students' life, and support from teachers, administratives, parents and peers is important for solving different problems at school, therefore avoiding dropouts. Also the availability of computer rooms, other school facilities counts.
In general in Turkey tednency towards droping out is quite low, in Italy and Romania - in average, and in Latvia and Lithuania - rather high, Students are aware about punisment if they do not attend the school until the age of 18, therefore teachers and administrates have acquinted them about the main legislation rules of each country.